an indie author publishes a new book on Amazon every 5 minutes—that’s more often than a typical MILLENNIAL glances at her phone.

With so much competition in the digital market space, you have no idea how to make your work stand out from the rest. Getting your novel noticed by your ideal reader—the person who hungers for the type of stories you write—seems to be getting harder, not easier.

And just how do you grow a readership, anyway? Through Instagram? Twitter? Facebook? At conferences? Book signings? Or are you just supposed to stand on a milk carton in Times Square screaming like a maniac, “Buy my book!” until your voice cracks and your howls turn into pleading whispers?

You’re frustrated, overwhelmed, and you’re beginning to wonder why you thought publishing your book was a good idea in the first place. Would it have been better to just let it kick back on your hard drive? Or stay locked in your desk drawer forever? That would be less depressing than watching it sit, unpurchased, on the Amazon website.

Hi! I’m Elizabeth.

I help creative fiction authors stand out in a crowded marketplace. My clients love writing, but hate marketing their work. They want to be discovered, seen, and read.

I teach authors how to establish their brands and grow dedicated fan bases without sacrificing their writing time or their sanity.

I earned my B.A in Marketing, and then spent a decade putting it to use in the corporate world. While working 50-60 hour weeks, I also managed to write an average of 6 books a year for publishers like Harlequin Enterprises.

Having been a published author, I understand the industry and the needs, wants, and frustrations of up-and-coming authors. Read more about me here.

I Believe In Fiction Authors Because I Believe In The Power of Creativity

I know that novelists are among the most extraordinarily creative and passionate people in the world. They bring to life vivid worlds, unforgettable characters, and plot twists a reader would never see coming. I’m in awe of their energy, imagination, and enthusiasm for the books they write.

My clients are immensely creative, but letting themselves be seen feels as awkward as walking into a Star Trek convention dressed in a Stormtrooper outfit. Having to promote their work leaves them stressed, anxious, and often frozen with indecision.

They crave relief from the promotional overwhelm. They want to know where to start, what reasonable outcome they should be shooting for, and oh yeah—every step in between. They need someone who’s been both an author and marketer to help them navigate the confusing waters of book promotion in the digital age.

I adore working with authors who take their writing seriously. Those who can imagine themselves spinning unforgettable yarns for another decade or two, or until The Grim Reaper tears their hands from the keyboard. Those who have a strong thematic message behind their stories, who know their words can linger long after someone turns the last page of their book, and who aim to leave their permanent mark on their readers’ bookshelves—and an imprint on their souls.

Does this sound like you? Then keep reading, because together we can take your author brand and digital presence to a whole new level.

Author Marketing Packages

Each package* is unique and custom-designed to meet your needs based on your genre, target audience, and long-term author brand goals.

Working together typically looks like this:

  1. Start by filling out the form below. This will give me a good indication of the type of books you write, as well as where you are in your marketing journey.

  2. We’ll schedule a 30-minute meeting over video, phone, or—if you’re local—at the quirkiest little coffee shop I know. We’ll talk about you, your work, and your creative vision for your author career.

  3. You’ll get up to 3 specific ways we can work together based on your unique needs. You’ll explore each option through an easy-to-read proposal.

  4. You choose the option that works best for you, and we pop the (virtual) champagne.

  5. We begin setting up the ideal marketing campaign to ensure your target readers fall madly in love with you and your work. (Marriage proposals not guaranteed.)

Want to work with someone who understands the writer mindset as much as she gets social media algorithms?

Fill in your information below, and let’s get started!

* Custom author marketing packages start at $400USD / month.